Priest hair, golden carriages and Christmas pigs

November 19, 2021 | Traditions

Oh, the many fanciful names for the wonderful saffron buns eaten in Sweden from the middle of November through Yule! The golden sweet dough is twisted into many traditional shapes and studded with raisins before being lightly baked into pillowy soft bread. Lucia buns are being made in kitchens and bakeries all over the country right about now, and we will continue the tradition right here in Otego!

If you have visited our bakery, you will know that saffron is a common spice in Swedish baking. We use it in cakes and breads (have you tried our Saffranskaka yet?), often pairing it with that other popular flavor — cardamom. If you love saffron, you are going to love these buns.

Beginning after the Thanksgiving break, we will start offering Lucia buns in the bakery case. Be sure to ask for a sample when you next stop in!

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